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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two months since I last posted. Wow - it's been a long time.
I volunteered to be a baker for my son's first grade class Halloween Party. I always like to make sugar cookies and have the boys help me decorate them in Halloween designs. So, I get a call from one of the room mothers asking if I still plan on being a baker. I tell her that I am and that I plan on making sugar cookies.
There's silence for a second. So I say, "Is someone else already bringing those?"
She answers, "Well, we are supposed to bring something healthy."
So I say, "Okay, what did you have in mind?"
She replies, "We were thinking something along the lines of fruit."

Okay - now I'm all for healthy snacking. But this is a Halloween Party - and I'm supposed to bring a fruit salad.

So I tell the room mother that I'll bring fruit - but I'm also bringing the cookies.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Okay, so it's been a while

Yes, yes it's been awhile since I posted. It's not that I haven't had anything to say, quite the contrary. It's just that I haven't been able to find the time to post.

I have been incredibly annoyed at work. I swear that each time I take a call from an incredibly stupid person I think that it can't get any worse. But the next caller proves me wrong. I think about 1 out of 10 calls is appropriate. I wonder if these people calling were born without common sense.

I have people calling me to ask what to do because they threw up once. You puked. Get over it. There is nothing I can do for you having vomited once. At 26 years of age I'm pretty sure you've puked before. You either ate something you shouldn't have or you've got a stomach virus. You'll get better.

If you've been puking for 2 days straight, can't keep anything down and are dehydrated, then I can advise you about what to do. Otherwise - you're on your own.

Don't get me wrong. There are some very appropriate calls. First time mothers with mastitis. Sudden onset of swelling and pain of a leg. Croupy cough in a child. These are appropriate calls.

I had a 34 year old man call me to ask if there was a problem with him waking up with an erection. I first had to ask if he still had the erection (it was 5 in the afternoon) - that would have been a very serious problem. When that answer was "no" - I figured it was a call from some idiot trying to get his jollies. I hope he realized that every call is logged into his chart - including a detailed reason for the call. What I really wanted to say to the guy was - "You should have been waking up with morning wood since you were 12. If you are only starting now, I'd say that it's a problem." Or maybe I should have asked him for his credit card number and charged him $4.99 a minute.

Okay, I've ranted long enough. I need a vacation and thank God I have coming up in September!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Saturday at work . . .

Caller: "My 7th month old is drooling almost all the time. Is this normal?"
Me: "Yes, it's very normal for a child this age to drool. "
Caller: "I'm concerned because when I looked in his mouth, I saw some white things underneath his gums. Should I be worried about this?"
Me: "Ahhhhhh . . . Nooooooo. They're called teeth. Human babies usually start to get them about 6 months old and they cause a baby to drool a lot. As a matter of fact, you'll probably see some of the teeth break through the surface of the gums in the next week or so."
Caller: "Really - are you sure this isn't anything to worry about? Are they supposed to break through the gums?"
Me: "No the tooth fairy delivers your child's teeth, fully grown and intact in the form of dentures at the age of 80." This is what I wanted to say. What I did say: "No, this is nothing to worry about. This is very normal."

These people are driving. They are also reproducing. Very scary!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Morning

Okay - here's a look at how my morning went. First of all, I couldn't sleep last night. I couldn't figure out why until I remembered I had some Diet Coke about 1 hour before I went to bed. I used to drink a lot of caffeine, but have gotten away from it. So, I'm not used to having it in my system.

So, I'm awake at 12:45 AM with basically nothing to do. I play some of the kids' games on the Playstation until about 2:15 AM when I finally feel tired enough to try to sleep.

Of course my boys are awake at their usual 5:30 AM. The oldest has lost Playstation privileges due to misbehavior. So, I have to put on cartoons so I can try and get a few more hours sleep.
It's only about a 1/2 hour until both boys are screaming at each other. When I get downstairs I realize that I have to go and get some lab work done today and that the oldest has an appointment with the Immunologist.

Hubby doesn't get home in time to watch the boys and my parents are out of town. Which leaves me with no option other than take the boys with me to have my lab work done. I haven't been able to go shopping, so I don't have anything to feed the boys for breakfast except yogurt, which isn't going to cut it for the long haul. I tell the boys that we'll get some breakfast at McDonald's after my lab work. Since we have to go to the oldest's doctor visit after that, he asks if we can go again for lunch. Since I have to leave for work by 2:00 PM and probably won't get home with them until 1:30 PM, I agree. The youngest is upset as he would like to go to Burger King for breakfast. So, I agree to Burger King for breakfast and McDonald's for lunch.

Now granted, I did make several mistakes as the morning went on; which probably didn't help how things went.

Mistake #1: Saying we would go to 2 different places to eat - more on this later.

Mistake #2: Allowing my oldest to bring his Legos along. I was thinking it would keep them entertained while I was getting the labs. I check in at the Promptcare and take a seat. Only 1 other person sitting in the waiting room. I'm considering my self lucky. I then see that my oldest has set little Lego cars under each of the chairs in the waiting room. I tell him to pick them up as other people may come in and need to sit down. He is not happy with this. He begins to whine. "But Mommy, I'll pick them up if someone sits in the chair." To which I point out that it would be difficult to get them if someone is sitting in front of them. "But Mommy, I can crawl through from the back of the chairs and get them." Images of my son crawling under the chairs of old ladies who start screaming that he's looking up their skirts run through my head. I finally convince him, with much crying and whining, and he picks up the Lego cars.

Mistake #3: Telling the youngest I will give him a short ride in the center's wheelchair after I get my labs done. After the oldest is calmed down, someone comes in to the center and needs the wheelchair for an injured person. The youngest starts wailing, tears running down his face, lamenting that the wheelchair is gone and he'll "Never see it again!!". About this same time he tells me that he has to go potty and I'm called for my lab work. I have to drag him to the bathroom because he cannot hold it: "Mommy, I gotta go NOW". Thank God the nurse didn't call anyone else back before me.

Back to Mistake #1. By the time I'm done at the Prompt Care it is 10:15 am. I still have to get money from the ATM and drive to Burger King which is about 20-30 minutes away. So, I figure we are not going to make it to Burger King in time for breakfast. I tell the boys this and after a few minutes of intense whining, they decide we should just go to McDonald's for lunch. McDonald's is much closer. We pull into the McDonald's drive thru and I'm told that they aren't serving lunch yet. I tell the boys we can get breakfast. They start screaming that they want lunch because they want a toy. I lose it and we leave, amid screams, more wailing and much gnashing of teeth. I turn up the radio and ignore them as best I can.

I get on the freeway to head to my oldest's appointment. I call hubby and tell him to meet me there, because I can only take one screaming child and he is going to take the youngest home. I know they are hungry and I know there is another McDonald's closer to the doctor's office. The boys finally stop crying and I tell them that we will stop for lunch if they can stay calm for the car trip.
#2 son again has to "Go Pee-Pee RIGHT NOW. I can't hold it Mommy." I am driving on a 4 lane divided highway. I pull over as far as I can on the curb. I stand up #2 son and have him go into an empty paper cup; the entire time trying to avoid being hit by the semis barreling by me.

We get to McDonald's. The oldest wants me to be sure that I ask for the toy sword from the Pirates movie for his kids meal. I explain to him about 5 times that I will ask for the sword toy, but that they may not have it. He keeps telling me there IS a sword toy. I tell him, "I know there's a sword toy, but this restaurant may not have it in yet." He is not grasping the concept. Of course, they don't have the sword toy - they have the spyglass toy. Again, tearing of clothes and gnashing of teeth. On the happy meal box is a picture of all the toys and the oldest is yelling, "See, I TOLD you there was a sword!!!"

We make it to the parking lot of the doctor's office and the youngest, for the 3rd time, has to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW!!! No time to make it to the building, so he's peeing in the parking lot. Then the youngest realizes that his brother ate his French Fries. The oldest claims that his brother set them down right next to him and naturally he thought that meant he could eat them.

I finally get the youngest calmed down by promising him that Daddy will get him fries on the way home. Thank God hubby arrives and takes the youngest home with him. Although he wasn't thrilled that I promised he'd stop for fries.

I'm so grateful for hair coloring, because mine are all grey.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sometimes I hate being a Mom and a Nurse

Our oldest son has immune system problems. He has what is known as a selective IgG deficiency. Basically, he never formed antibodies to some of the vaccines he received. Specifically, he never formed antibodies to the vaccines that protect him from pneumonia: the Hib vaccine and the Prevnar. Last year he ended up in the hospital 3 times with resistant pneumonia and ended up developing asthma. In between 2 of the pneumonias he also had 7 cases of strep throat. It was not a banner year for him. I'm usually not the kind of Mom who freaks out over every little complaint, but with my eldest, I've learned the signs to be concerned about.

We signed him up for soccer camp at the YMCA this summer and it started on Monday. Tuesday around 12 I get a call that he's complaining his stomach hurts: Sign #1. I go to pick him up and when I ask him where his stomach hurts he points to the right hand side where he had the pneumonia: Sign #2. He's got a cough: Sign #3. He just wants to sit around: Sign #4. He's got a fever: Sign #5.

Okay - Monday morning before camp started he had a check-up with the Pediatric Pulmonologist. Everything looked fine. His lungs were clear. The next day, he's sick. Of course, when he gets sick, he does get sick fast. So I call the pulmonologist and she wants to see him again. And she starts him on prednisone. He is coughing all night long and I'm up every 3-4 hours to give him aerosol treatments.

Wednesday morning it's back to the clinic. He needs an x-ray before his office visit. If any of you have ever given their children prednisone I know you will understand. If you haven't - it's one of the medications that makes kids hyper. SUPER HYPER. So, he's running and jumping around like a maniac. I'm begging him to calm down since he's already having breathing problems; but he doesn't care, because his body will not stop moving.

His x-ray is normal. At the moment. The thing with pneumonia and kids is that the findings on x-ray tend to take a while to show up and then take a while to clear up. So kids will be sick, but it will take a day or so for the clinical signs to show up. When the kid feels better, the x-ray will still show infiltrates.

So, I have HYPERBOY at home. I have to call the doctor if he starts getting worse or if he's not better by Friday. He still needs breathing treatments every 3-4 hours or so. He's cranky and opinionated and hyper. And I know he doesn't feel well, so I'm trying to be patient.

Never pray for patience - God will only give you situations to test it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Musings

I work 2nd shift - which translates into 3 PM to 11:30 PM. Since I am an evening person, this shift works great for me and since hubby works nights we don't have to pay for childcare. It should be an ideal situation.

But the gods of fate have blessed me with 2 children that are morning people. Early Morning People. The oldest is up almost every day between 5 AM and 6 AM. I am not amused. Most mornings I'm able to set up the oldest with breakfast and the Playstation. Yes, yes, I know. Not the most productive thing for me to have him do; but it keeps him occupied and I'm able to get another hour or so of much needed sleep.

Unfortunately, some days the boys find more creative things to do. Such as
  • Take over 100 photos of themselves and of me asleep on the digital camera.
  • Take different colored pens and draw many circles on the white downstairs walls.
  • Find chalk and draw pictures on all the doors and on their bedroom walls.
  • Find scissors and paper and cut up the paper into a million tiny little pieces.
  • Eat every cracker in the house; leaving the evidence of crumbs on the carpet and the futon.
My husband says I have no one to blame but myself for these things. He's probably right; but I'd do it and much more to get that extra hour of sleep.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth of July!!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone. Especially our veterans and servicemen and women serving now. Thank you for keeping this a free country.

Adventures in Indoor Camping

I returned the favor to hubby and he went away for the weekend to visit friends and take in a baseball game. Since it was my weekend to work, the boys and I stayed at Grandma's and Pop-Pop's so the boys would have supervision while I was at work.

Hubby and the boys have been camping out in our backyard (we have 4 acres of land). I told the boys that they could bring their sleeping bags and that I would set up a "tent" inside at Grandma's and they could camp. They were very excited about this until . . . .

It was bedtime and the youngest decides that he hasn't played enough all day and throws a major fit. Grandma finally gets him calmed down and they lay down in their sleeping bags under the "tent" (sheets draped over some chairs). The youngest wants the lantern on for a nightlight. The oldest screams that it's too bright and he can't fall asleep. They both invade each other's "space" by touching each others sleeping bags. The oldest begs me to sleep on the couch near them so they won't be alone.

Finally, they fall asleep. And despite the fact that I'm on the couch, I'm pretty comfortable. Until . . . .

About 3 am when both boys somehow end up with me on the couch. My suggestion that we go to the bedroom and the queen size bed is met with screams and much gnashing of teeth. So, we stay on the couch. The boys sleep fine. I don't.

And my hubby wonders why I'm tired all the time.